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Breaking Ground

Today is a good day. Progress was made! The Hubs sent me a text this afternoon and he said he was officially breaking ground on the new house. Ok, not quite the new house, but as close as we can get at this point. He was hauling in dirt to start building up what will be the new road into the house, and the road is specifically for the new house, so it's good enough for me! In a matter of minutes he had built up a pile of dirt like this... It may not look like much yet, but it is a step forward which is sooo exciting for me! I also talked to the contractor this morning and he said the addition plans should be in by the end of this week. Step by step. I took a couple of shots of the view from nearby the new location. Here is the best one I could get today. Its hard to capture it on my camera, but you can see the river hills in the background of this picture. This other picture I took a couple of weeks back. You can see how much the trees have filled in th


I went for a little walk/run early this morning. I don't really care for running, I prefer to ride a bike. I don't really like getting up early, but once I drag myself out of bed, I find that I am thankful, every single time. This morning I just needed to clear my head. The Hubs and I are heading into our busiest season, cutting silage and harvesting crops. I feel the overwhelming sensation beginning to creep in. It's working it's way into the everyday, making the most simple of tasks, feel harder. So this morning I forced myself out of my warm cocoon of blankets and put on my running shoes. The moment I opened the front door, I knew I had done the right thing. The air was fresh and crisp. It was quiet and still. As I began to jog, our youngest dog joined me, but the older one continued sleeping, it was too early she said. Then as I rounded the barn, I laughed out loud. The cattle in the pens were still sleeping. Laying down, not yet ready to begin their day, t

The Most Beautiful Find Of All Time

I went to a flea market over the weekend, and had an amazing time. Here is a sneak peak of my cell phone photos, until I get my office computer back (bought a new one and its being set up) and can download the photos off of my camera. I bought this pedestal sink for $25. I figured it was a pretty good deal at the time. Then I got home and found it online for $705.40. Yeah, I did a major happy dance after that! I really liked the sink from the get go, but when I found out what a great deal I got, I was thrilled! Now for the best find of the day! This door is the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful thing I have bought in a really long time, maybe in my life. This is going to be the pantry door in the old house ! There are some frames leaned up against the front of the door, but you can see part of the detail on the bottom half of the door. I can't wait to tell you more about the lovely people who sold me the door and what I'm planning on doing with it!

Not Sweating The Small Stuff

I am waiting. I am bursting at the seams to tell you so much about the house. I won't though until its official. Within a week? Call me superstitious, but I don't want to be counting those chicks before the eggs or you know, whatever. So I've been planning and taking care of details. Details like getting the phone, cable and internet trenched out to the new house. Within the last year fiber optic lines were installed at our current house for Internet, phone and cable. A special crew came and trenched the line and installed the new system. So while I was in town running errands I stopped by their office and asked them how I should go about getting the fiber optic line trenched to the new house. Good news, bad news. They will trench out the line, but they only do it when the special crew is in town, which is only three to four times a year. Aaannddd, the next time they will be here is near the end of August or early September. Aaannddddd I have to have a fo

A House With a View

Today I have something exciting to tell you! Remember waaayyyy back when I showed you this ,   And this? The Hubs and I were trying to decide on a location for the house back then. Fast forward nearly five months and we still hadn't made up our minds. Well, now that we have pretty much bought a house , we thought maybe it was time to finally decide where we were going to put it! The other day it rained, so the Hubs had a couple hours to spare. We went out to each location and spent a couple hours discussing our options, without the kiddos around, which made it much easier to really talk and to focus! And we made a decision. It is final. It is done. We are going with the tree shelter corner (the second photo). It's perfect. I am in love. I am ecstatic. We are going to take out some of the trees to open up the view and extend some of the other trees to get a little extra protection. I know this picture doesn't look like much, but trust me, th

Quick House Question

I have been keeping busy with all the details to get the old farmhouse ready to move! Today I have a quick question for you though. I could use some advice. Since we are moving the old farmhouse and the ductwork has to come out and new has to be installed anyways, should we keep the furnace that is in good condition or should we spend a bit more and go with geothermal? Do you have geothermal, what's your experience with it? Like it or no? Or do you suggest something entirely different? Thanks for the advice! Have a great Friday!     P.S. Check out the great wrap around porch on this farmhouse!   Posted with Blogsy