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A Better Monday

Well it has been a week since I wrote this.  Things didn't magically fix themselves, but I did get two consecutive great nights of sleep before the baby revolted and remembered he only likes to sleep in two hour increments. So here I am looking at Monday again. I started writing this post early this morning, and now the sun is setting and I am on the fourth sentence. My Monday didn't exactly go according to plan. But it did involve an unexpected, glorious two hour nap and a surprise care package in the mailbox from a sweet friend. Never under estimate the power of gifting a friend a nap or a pampering gift that says, "You are loved." Surround yourself with good people. The kind of people you look forward to seeing light up your phone and your life. I am in that awkward phase of having small children and the opportunity to get together with friends is REALLY far and few between. But they are there, quietly going on with their own crazy lives, waiting fo

Super Bowl Food

Lets talk game day food. All rules go out the window on Super Bowl Sunday. If it's fried, soaking in sauce, buttered or just plain bad for you, I am game. Ha, see what I did there? So if you're on the lookout for game day food here are some tried and true recipes I've taken for a spin and would highly recommend for this weekend! Honey Buffalo Meatballs   *I was heavy handed with the hot sauce on this one, and it was oooooh so good. Whiskey and BBQ Meatballs *I served these at a birthday party, and they were gone very quickly! Baked Fontina *A pan full of bubbly, golden, baked cheese, need I say more? I've made this several times and you could even try this stuffed mushroom spin on it! Buffalo Wings *Tried and true wings, a classic. Also, her olive cheese bread is fantastic, I highly recommend it! ******* And just for kicks, here are a couple more links to recipes I haven't tried yet, but sound like they would be perfect fo