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Summertime Blues, Beauty, and Babes

Summer is not my thing. I'm sorry. Don't hate me. I can't help myself. I have always been an autumn kind of girl. The warm scents, the promise of cozy winter evenings at home, the snuggling and early dark. It is my jam. This summer time gig, with the endless days, for me means, crazy bedtimes for cranky kiddos, the hub's working till sundown (nearly 10 pm), snakes, bugs, etc. Most of these things are hard for me on their own, and as a whole, it can be flat out overwhelming. The other evening, well after kiddo's should've been asleep, I sat outside their bedrooms listening to them NOT sleeping, and crying I told the Hub's, "I hate summer". I was miserable and I was wallowing it in. And it was getting me nowhere. So I am pulling myself together and trying REALLY hard to embrace summer rather than fight it. It is not natural for me and it's not coming easy, but I am trying. Sometimes it's all about slowing down and rememberin