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Christmas Exhaustion

Mary must have been exhausted. She was carrying a miracle, yes, but she was also carrying an out of wedlock baby, on a long journey, to give birth in rudimentary settings, with no family around, and no idea what would happen next. Christmas Eve found me sleep deprived, anxious, and preparing for an evening ahead that would require more energy and happiness than I could muster. So I sat in a church pew on Christmas Eve and cried for Mary and how tired she must have been, for how unfair it was that she would never fully comprehend the awesome power that her sacrifice would bring to the world. I cried because that one little baby would make every single one of my mistakes ok. Maybe you are in the middle of your own exhaustion. Maybe you are carrying something wonderful and powerful, but right now it just feels like a burden. Stay strong, your burden may become a light for others. If you are still happily enjoying the extra time with kids, and the extended bed times, and the fami

Christmas Inspiration

Christmas is just a week away!  Time to get in the Holiday spirit! I can read all day about Edie's love for people and   hospitality  . A friend sent me this beautiful idea for passing on the tradition of Santa.  Chex mix for your next gathering.  100 Best Christmas Movies of All Time  (Three of my all time favorite Holiday movies made this odd, and eclectic list. How many have you seen?) We make these cookies every year.  We have begun cutting way back on Christmas gifts for our kids, and I love what this article has to say about that.  Apothic Red and Apothic Dark are my new favorite wines. (If you are local, they sell it at CFC!) Source  I hope you all have a blessed and very Merry Christmas!      

Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

If you never cook another dish in your life, I simply ask that you make this one dish and then you may die in peace having cooked the most perfect dish ever. Maybe I am being dramatic, maybe I'm not. I guess you'll have to taste it and see for yourself.  I made this dip again for Thanksgiving recently. My local grocer couldn't get in Fontina, so I substituted mozzarella and monterey cheese. It was a major hit.  I had the herbs left over, so I got to thinking about what I had in my fridge and what I could make to go with the herbs.  And thus, this dish was born.  Seriously amazing.  Mouth watering.  Divine happiness.  So dang, stinking good, I did not take a single picture before we devoured them.  Just make them.  I am being bossy. Try them, then you'll understand why.  Have I made myself clear?  Good. Let's get started.  Best Stuffed Mushrooms... Ever Ingredients 1/2 tsp thyme finely chopped 1/2 tsp rosemar