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The Calm After The Storm

The Christmas rush has come and gone. I usually feel empty this time of year, all the hype and excitement leading up to Christmas gets me all high and after the fact I always feel left a little wanting. Not this year though. This year we spent nearly three straight days celebrating with family. It felt full and wonderful and a times a little wild. I am happy to bask in the quietness that is the day after. Ironically enough I feel quiet and calm even though I have been given big news on Lucky. My carpenters have given me a move in date! End of January. I am beyond words in the excitement area. I fall asleep at night planning furniture placement and color schemes. Do you ever do that? Please say you do. We are in the final weeks of the renovation and I feel as though a calm is descending. Quite the opposite I am sure, from what I am suppose to be feeling. But somehow, it feels as though I survived the toughest part. The major construction is done, the Christmas awe and rush is d

All I Want For Christmas...

Ding dong the tar is gone! At long last I have original oak wood floors in the kitchen. It all started innocently enough... when we bought the house, there were clay tiles in the kitchen. I didn't mind the style of the tile and since we were leaving the kitchen largely untouched I was going to leave it. Butttttt, there were two broken tiles and I thought well, heck, we know there is hard wood, so we'll just knock out the tile and expose the hardwood. All the tile came out. That wasn't so bad, right? Then came the first major dilemma, there was half inch thick plywood underneath the tiles that had been installed to adhere the clay tiles to. Well, the carpenters jumped in and helped me unscrew approximately a few hundred (no exaggeration) screws. We didn't know what damage the screws had done to the hardwood below, but we wanted the plywood out regardless since it made the floor uneven from the rest of the house. So out came the plywood. Aaannnddd then o