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When Marriage isn't Easy

The words that I want to say about marriage have been tumbling around inside my head for a very long time, but I have never hit publish because of fear. Fear that you might think I am being judgemental. Fear that my words would hurt someone. Fear that you would see my vulnerability. Fear that I would be misunderstood. Before you read on, know this: In no way do I think that someone in an abusive relationship should have to stay. There are MANY reasons people choose to leave a relationship, and I respect those who are strong enough to do so. Not every marriage will last and I do not judge anyones choices! This is intended for those who are dealing with the 'everyday' hardships of marriage and need a little encouragement that they are not alone. With that said, I have struggled to put into words the right mix of joy, pain, heartache and faith that it has taken to get my husband and I to every anniversary. But what I have learned in my years of writing, is that every


I have been thinking about perceptions a lot lately. The perceptions we have of other people; of their lives, of their relationships and how distorted those perceptions often are. We have a tendency to judge people on appearances, or on past behaviors, and often forget to look at the person who is standing right in front of us. We can witness a personality trait and it can be good and kind, but then hear about a past incident and it alters what we believe to be true about that person. Perception is a fickle thing. I remember a time I heard members of my church gossiping behind another persons back. I sat in a restaurant in our small town, a few tables over from a group of church "elders" and heard them tearing down another church member for the way she had handled herself in an emotionally tense situation. I do not remember all the details of what they said, but what I do remember was a sinking feeling in my stomach. I remember thinking these people were leaders,

Living Well

I am tired. Down to my bones tired. I am weary. I am exhausted. I am running on empty, but life hasn't stopped. There are still people to be cared for, bills to be paid, meals to cook, life to be lived. Most of us are living with a distorted idea of what a well lived life actually means. It is not about doing it all. It is about balance. It is about accepting the ebb and flow of a life in motion. It is about self awareness; knowing when to say yes and when to say no. On any given day my life may look like any of these.... I get the office work done. I clean the house. I cook all three meals. I craft with the kids. I read books. I snuggle. I attend school events. I teach Sunday School. I do yard work. I write. I feed bottle calves. I do laundry. I wash dishes. And on and on and on..... I do all of these things. But NEVER do I do them all on the same day. Some days the office work is done, somedays the house is clean-ish. Somedays I cook all