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Cooking at Home: Stromboli

I grew up cooking with my Mom and I've loved it from a young age. I didn't even realize that not eating a sit down meal at least once a day was an option. It honestly wasn't until recently when I was setting the table with all four kids underfoot and putting the baby in the highchair at noon, that I realized that this is probably why some people choose not to cook. It is work. You have to love it to do it all the time and not have it feel like a chore. I do it because I love it, and because I don't have a lot of choice. There is no way I can afford feeding a family of six eating out all the time. We don't eat fancy meals, although I love cooking up a nice meal now and again, usually I am cooking with at least two of the kids underfoot, and I am just happy to get a home cooked meal on the table. I serve my kids. At the table. From the pot. It goes on their plate. They eat it. End of story. My weeknight meals aren't going to end up in a photo spread

Springing Forward

I have been writing here for over five years. Writing in this space has motivated me and changed me. It's has shaped a part of who I am.  I just wanted to say thank you. If you've been reading for awhile or just found me recently, I truly appreciate all your comments, whether online or in person.  The past two months have been slow on writing, mostly due to the fact that typing with my broken wrist was pretty much a no-go. Then life got crazy and we had several doctors trips and even another emergency room visit, so things got pushed aside. But here we are at the end of March and heading straight into Spring. The days are getting longer, and as everyone else is celebrating it, I am mourning the end of early nights around the dinner table and babies being tucked into bed before eight o'clock. But life moves forward and I am learning to accept it, because each moment is temporary. Breaking my wrist and being forced to slow down has taught me so many lessons,

All the Emotions

Things have been crazy over here. Since breaking my wrist, we have been struck down with baby illnesses, stitches, respiratory issues, and minor surgery. Top it off with day to day living of six people under one roof, in late winter, in South Dakota, and I am telling you, we barely made it, but by grace, wine, and prayer, we survived. We have so much drama with four out of six of us being female. And if you think a two year old doesn't have drama, then you have never lived with a two year old girl. Seriously people, all the emotions, ALL the time. I am a big feeler of emotions. This can be a blessing and a curse. All my girls are this way as well. These days, there are so many FEELINGS. Yes, I am shouting, because oh my word. I cannot even handle it all. And I get it, I am an emotional person. And I keep preaching it to my husband, that we have to teach the girls to deal with their feelings and give them tools to cope. But man, after two months of upheaval, and schedules