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You can be strong and cry.  You can feel blessed and feel sad.  You can love your children and wish they were back in school.  You can love staying at home and wish you worked outside the house.  You can love your job and wish you could stay at home.  You can be surrounded by people and feel lonely.  You can crave quiet and be grateful for the noise.  You can be a good Mom and miss the old you. You can work hard and feel unproductive.  You can love your life and want a break. You can be content and set goals. You can be brave and be scared. You can be happy and hurt.  You can be busy and rest. You can be faithful and have doubts. You can be satisfied and dream. You do not have to choose.  Be both.  Be you.  ... Source #choosingand


August is my gateway drug. This August in particular has cruised in with high temps in the 70's, WHAT???, and has me feeling all fallish. August smells like garden tomatoes and the promise of a new season. My garden is bursting with pumpkin vines and I am hoping there are lots of gems hidden beneath the overgrown vines and leaves. My tomato plants are drooping with fruit and we can't keep up with getting them all out before they burst. We ate our first garden fresh BLT the other day and the kids oohed and ahhed. I have shredded and frozen over half the zucchini and I still have a long way to go. August is where it is at. It's the month I wait all summer for. All the tending to the garden is finally coming to fruition (see what I did there) and toiling in the heat and fighting the bugs is all now worth it. I know we'll have plenty more hot days before us and school doesn't even start for my kids for another month, but there is joy just in knowing its on

You Are Beautiful

I know some really beautiful women. The kind of women that turn heads when they walk into a room. They have a glow about them, a quality about them that radiates and draws people to them. And you want to know the most ridiculous thing about these women? They all put themselves down. A new mother that hasn't lost the baby weight.  A grandmother dissapointed in the under-flab on her arms. A  perfectly fit woman who doesn't feel thin enough. Her butt is too big. Her thighs are too thick. She doesn't wear shorts because her legs are too white. The list is endless. Why do we take our functioning bodies and put them down? Isn't it enough that our bodies carry us through the day. It gets us out of bed in the mornings, it cuddles, it carries laundry baskets, it gets us to work, it cooks supper, it lays down exhausted far too late in the night. Our bodies carry us through joy and grief, it takes us down wedding isles and across graduation stages. Our bodies bare scars that