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Dirty Business

I have a secret to tell you. When I was younger and childless I would get into a crumb filled, toy stuffed car of some Mother I knew and I would cringe (inwardly of course!). They would apologize about the mess and I would be all like,"It's no big deal. It's totally ok." But on the inside I was like, " Man when I'm a Mom my car soooo won't look like this." Yesterday I cleaned out my car. What I found was scary. I realized how incredibly, undeniably wrong I was. I have not only become one of those Mother's, I am worse than anyone of those Mother's I ever rode with. I pulled out wads of wrappers and goldfish crackers, and raisins and pages of coloring books, and toys, upon toys, upon toys, and books. When I pulled a melted candy bar from under a car seat, I was so relieved to realize it wasn't poo that I nearly wept with joy. And the worst part of all of this is that I had NO IDEA how bad it had gotten. I have apparently bec

How to Brighten Up a Friday!

What's a girl to do when the babies are driving her crazy on a Friday and she's in the middle of an existential crisis ? Go shopping of course, then out to lunch with her brother and a good friend! I couldn't help myself today when I found this bright turquoise chair at a local store and the star strainer was just what I needed to brighten up another gray skied day. Have a beautiful Friday! P.S. A blog I follow just released a fabulous app for pictures! I used it on the photo above!   Posted with Blogsy

Houses On My Mind...

Have you ever been at a store, garage sale, market, wherever, and saw something you really loved but weren't sure you should buy? You hover around the object of your desire, circling it and mulling it over while your hands sweat and you are terrified that someone else may swipe it up before you make up your mind. You've done that too, right? Well, that's kind of where I am at right now with the old house . The Hubs and I are taking this very seriously and are keeping the ball rolling. There's a lot for us to consider. I called my contractor and broke the news to him that I am having an existential crisis (ok maybe that's a bit dramatic), and he said he'd come out some time later this week or early next week and take a look at the old farmhouse. The plan is to have him give us his best estimate for fixing up the old farmhouse in comparison to building new. Then we'll have some major decision making to do. I foresee many sleepless nights ahead while

Fate, Serendipity, and Other Things That Rock Your World

I said something really stupid the other day. I mean really, really, really stupid. Here's how it went; Me- "Yep, Grandma, we feel pretty confident we're moving in the right direction on the house. We know what we want to do." Grandma- "We'll that's good. I'm glad things are working out." Me- "Yep we are finally figuring everything out. We definitely know what we want to do." God- "Oh silly little girl," as he laughs maniacally. Yes, that is truly how I believe the conversation went. I can't get into a lot of detail yet, but I can say the new curveball has nine foot ceilings, original beautiful wood work, two full stories and is priced to sell. Sorry Grandma, I lied, I really have no idea what I am doing... Hint Enjoy your Friday!   Posted with Blogsy

Sneak Peak... A Makeover!

These babies are getting a makeover. I started this project over a week ago but a shortage of spray paint and time has slowed me down. I wanted to share the 'before' with all of you to get me motivated to finish! I hope to be back within the week with before and afters! Enjoy your Tuesday!   Posted with Blogsy

Warm Weather Top Ten

I have spent nearly all of the last week outdoors. The long days of summer are calling and the planting season is upon us. The girls and I have been out helping the Hubs in the field, as well as getting plenty of play time outside. Here's the top ten things I have discovered are things I only think of in the warm weather months. 1. Shorts, leggings and tutu's are not a little girls friend. Jeans are much more knee-saving-friendly, but even they are not indestructible. 2. A melon-baller produces fruit the exact size and shape that I do not want my one year old getting her hands on, ditto for cherry tomatoes. 3. Where did I put my sunscreen? 4. Don't underestimate the pain of the years first sunburn (refer to number 3). 5. Snakes are terrifying creatures. 6. The inside of my house quickly becomes neglected as the outdoors beckons, for example, laundry gets done when children need undies and not before! 7. Sleeping with the windows open is amazing. 8. Bed