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We're Buying A House!

Batten down the hatches and hold onto your hard hats, we are going to be fixing up an old farmhouse ! We made an offer on the old house and it was accepted! I cannot wrap my head around it or even begin to believe it yet, but it's real and this is actually happening! The legal paperwork is being drawn up and I will have sooooo much more to tell you all soon. For now though, I can only tell you how incredibly, undeniably, one hundred percent excited I am. (Terrified too, we're going to be loading a ninety year old building on a moving trailer and trekking it across the countryside, but more on that later!) Oh my, I just want to scream and tell you every little detail, but I will hold off until everything is settled and signed on the dotted line. I do want to give a little shout out to the owners, I'm pretty sure they might see this, and they know who they are. "Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. This has been my dream for a really long time, and I truly


Today I am holding my breath. I am waiting. I am grateful. I am anxious. I am positive. I am nervous. I am hopeful. Things are moving along and now I can only wait for a response. I'll keep you posted!   All photos above are from Linked up at Annapolis & Company!   Posted with Blogsy

Gratitude Today

Here's to couch slipcovers that double as tents for a sick baby on a gray day! Happy Friday and first day of Summer! Enjoy!   Posted with Blogsy

We have (small) progress people!

Ok, here's the quickest of quick posts, because the littles are napping and I fear they will wake up before I finish this! I left for the weekend in hopes that things would move forward with the house (in the same way that the food always comes at the restaurant when you go to the bathroom) and it did! Upon my arrival back to my own house, I received a message from the neighbor with the old house . She has been in touch with their banker, and although he is basically playing phone tag with her at this point, she thinks that by the middle of this week, she will know more, hence I will know more, hence I will be able to quit using words like hence, because I will actually know something! Whew! That's it, got it, and the kids are still sleeping! Have a lovely, beautiful day! Source   Posted with Blogsy

Who Wants A House Update?

Two DIY blogs ( here and here ) that I follow just surprised their readers by up and buying and moving into a new house. I totally hope that I am able to do that for all of my readers very soon! Here's where things stand as of today. My contractor came out to see the old house about a week ago. He had a lot of positive things to say and financially it's looking like it could be a better deal than building new! I am holding off on letting myself freak out and get super excited because the couple selling the house is waiting on their banker, lawyer etc. to decide if they can for sure sell the house. Our contractor told us we need to know what we are going to do by July 4th if we want to keep our August start date. We have the August start date planned regardless of whether we go with our new build plans or remodel the old house. I am really hoping to be able to keep things moving along so we don't have to push back our plans. Right now, there are a lot of unknow

The Best Laid Plans... On the Ranch

Today I have decided to enlighten those readers that have perhaps never experienced moving cattle by semi-trailers and horse trailers, and for those that have, I think you can relate. Note: This is my personal experience and may not hold true to all others, theirs may not involve as much swearing or underwear changes. First the day starts off early, and there is a partially developed plan for how things are going to go. Within a half an hour the plan has gone to sh#%. At this point a plan B of sorts is thrown into place and within another hour that is gone as well. So all involved begin flying by the seat of their pants and hoping for the best. This usually results in the worst. You yell at your spouse. Your spouse yells back. You both begrudglingly carrying on working together because your survival depends on it. Several hours later than planned, the cattle pairs are separated, Mommas in one semi-trailer, babies in another. The stragglers are placed in a horse tra