Super Bowl Food

Lets talk game day food.

All rules go out the window on Super Bowl Sunday. If it's fried, soaking in sauce, buttered or just plain bad for you, I am game. Ha, see what I did there?

So if you're on the lookout for game day food here are some tried and true recipes I've taken for a spin and would highly recommend for this weekend!

*I was heavy handed with the hot sauce on this one, and it was oooooh so good.

*I served these at a birthday party, and they were gone very quickly!

*A pan full of bubbly, golden, baked cheese, need I say more? I've made this several times and you could even try this stuffed mushroom spin on it!

*Tried and true wings, a classic. Also, her olive cheese bread is fantastic, I highly recommend it!


And just for kicks, here are a couple more links to recipes I haven't tried yet, but sound like they would be perfect for this weekend. 

Go forth and eat!


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