You can be strong and cry. 

You can feel blessed and feel sad. 

You can love your children and wish they were back in school. 

You can love staying at home and wish you worked outside the house. 

You can love your job and wish you could stay at home. 

You can be surrounded by people and feel lonely. 

You can crave quiet and be grateful for the noise. 

You can be a good Mom and miss the old you.

You can work hard and feel unproductive. 

You can love your life and want a break.

You can be content and set goals.

You can be brave and be scared.

You can be happy and hurt. 

You can be busy and rest.

You can be faithful and have doubts.

You can be satisfied and dream.

You do not have to choose. 

Be both. 

Be you. 




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