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Happy Fall- Time to Slow Down

I've been busy following several blogs. They have such beautiful homes and are great inspirations. Sometimes I get carried away thinking that blog homes and magazine homes look that perfect every minute of every day. It's hard to remember that often the photos shown are there for inspiration and are only slices of a moment caught on camera. Pictures do not necessarily tell the story of true everyday life.

Rachel Martin's blog, Finding Joy ,has got me thinking about taking the time to look for the spaces in my home that make me happy and inspire me. I need to focus on those places more, and less on the toys all over the living room floor or the messes on the counter that need to be put away.

Instead of getting so wrapped up in what is unfinished, I need to focus on what is finished.

This is the sign I just put up for Fall, it makes me smile to see it every time I come home!


This Scarecrow came from Lakeside Collections and the pumpkin from Walmart. The chair was my husbands long before I came along and works well in this small space.

This photo-op was a happy accident. I was decorating and had stacked the Nicholas Sparks book on top of my daughters photo album to get them out of my way. I also had leftover pine cones from decorating the mantel and I got sidetracked and laid them there. Later on I came back and thought, "Oh, that's pretty." So I left it and there you have it!


This could probably use a little tweaking, but today we are just focusing on the good, and this display on top of the bookshelf is very fallish!

My mantel keeps changing daily. I'm not sure how long this one will last, especially since I put the squash that we will later eat up there! I don't have the space for them on the kitchen counter, so I figured I may as well decorate with them until its time to cook them. That's just how I roll.

Here's a close up of the lamp on my fireplace mantel. I love, love, love those books. I recently purchase them at our local library's annual book sale. I think they were two or three bucks a piece. I ditched the ugly plastic book covers and am now loving the beautiful book spines!
I debated whether or not to include messy photos of my home. After all, the included photos are not an accurate description of what my home looks like. But I decided against it for today. For today I am just going to enjoy looking at the pretty photos. Today I choose to be positive.

I am going to focus on these few wonderful little spaces that are scattered about my house. They make me happy and if I squint I can almost make all the messes and things that need to be done, disappear. So go find the places in your home that make you want to do a little dance, and focus on those things. Place your energy into the positive rather than the negative. I'm definitely going to work on that.

How about you guys, do you ever get down on yourself after seeing someone else's beautiful home or does it excite you to work harder? I'd love to hear from you!

Linking to Fall Mantels at Centsational Girl and Finding Joy's, Friday Faves!


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