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I have been so wrapped up with the old farmhouse that I have been pushing everything else to the side.

I have a half finished post about the flea market, that I need to complete so I can show you all my other awesome finds for the house!

And do you remember this post? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I posted that the day before I got the message about the old farmhouse being for sale. It's about time I show you the finished project!

I also just got back for a whirlwind business trip and would love to share some insight from that adventure!

Aaaannd, I have the most amazing, spectacular, wonderful, first time garden and I would love to share some recipes and photos from 'The Year of the Garden' as I am calling it!

But today all I can think about is the new/old/farm house, so that's what you get!

First off, I am confusing myself saying, the old farmhouse, or new house or new/old house or saying our current house, so let's clear that up.

When the Hubs and I went on vacation to Alabama earlier this year, we were driving by the beach houses and they all have names; The Get-Away, The Nest, Sophie's Place, The Love Shack, you get the idea.

I have always wanted a house with a name. I'm just crazy like that. I pointed out the names to the Hub's and because he loves me and let's me do odd things if they make me happy, he came up with the name, "Lucky Enough."

So from here on out, I will refer to the old farmhouse as the Lucky Enough house or probably Lucky for short, cuz that's how I roll. I have plans to make a sign with 'Lucky Enough' on it to hang on the front porch!

Now that that's settled, I'll let you know what I've been up to at the Lucky house.

Since the Hub's got the site mowed the other day, I decided to take advantage of the unseasonably cool weather and started taking down the barbed wire fence that needed to be removed to make room for the house.

Let me just say, it is like sacrilege around here, to take down a perfectly good fence. They are so hard to come by, and the Hub's winced a little as I started ripping out staples. But the fence will get redone in a new layout around the Lucky house.

After I finished ripping out the staples, the Hubs came out and helped me roll up the wire and pull up the wooden fence posts. We will reuse almost everything that came out after we get the house done and know where we want the new fence at.

It took us three days, but we only worked a couple hours each day. The girls loved playing in the tree grove by the Lucky site. At one point my one year old was riding around on the four wheeler with her Daddy and the three year old was laid out, on a coat in the grass, wearing a halter top dress, my sunglasses and writing in a notebook. I guess we know who she takes after!

It feels good to have a project crossed off our lists. Step by step, right?

Last week I called the contractor to set up a meeting. Now answer. I left a voicemail.

I also called the lumber company, got direcetd to voicemail, and left a message there as well.

That was on Monday. I tried the contractor again on Thursday but didn't leave a message that time. This is Sunday.

That's not a good sign. They've always been on the ball when returning my calls. I am telling myself not to get worked up. Remain calm.

The Hub's and I have done about all the work we can do until I hear from our contractor, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for a first ring answer when I call tomorrow!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

A sneak peek from my business trip!



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