Prime, Paint, Repeat...

I have primed eight room and painted eight rooms so far. I say so far, because I still have four rooms left to paint. I am nearly done priming though. One small wall left in the dining room and priming will be all done.

That's a lot of painting and priming.

But the end is in sight and I am still in love with the kitchen color. So in love, in fact, that I went to the local hardware store and had them color match it so I could do the living room in the same color.

We are in a major time crunch overhaul. My carpenters are trying desperately to finish up with my house so they can move onto their next job and I am desperately trying to finish all my projects so we can move in by the end of the month!

Yesterday morning I did a walk through with my iPad and took a bunch of photos. They are not perfect pictures, but who needs perfect when things are still in the crazy stage?!

Carpet is in upstairs. It is a bit more white than I imagined when looking at the sample. It didn't look so clean and perfect on a little patch, but when a whole room was laid out, holy white. But it does have brown undertones, so when it's ruffled against the grain, it looks less perfectly white and more acceptably slightly dirty white. Did you follow that?

Above is the words pinkest wall. I let the four year old pick her own color. Then I delegated it could only go on one wall. I'm very thankful I made that decision. If ever wall were that color, I'm pretty sure her room would glow in the dark! By the way, the wall color is called Dazzleberry. Enough said.
Due to the light nature of the carpet, this note went up at the bottom of the stairs immediately. I keep telling myself that since the rooms are on the second story, and so far from the entry and since we are a no shoes in the house kind of family, due to the whole, we live on a farm and have poo on our shoes thing, that the off white carpet, pretty much white carpet, will be ok. Please let me keep that delusion for now.
This is the future master bedroom, going to be toy room for now but currently a makeshift woodshop room. It looks terribly messy, but really it's one of the most finished rooms. The ceiling is done, walls are primed and baseboards are all up. I am going to paint the plywood in here for now and throw some rugs down and let the kids make messes until years down the road when we're ready for it to be a master bedroom!
The living room, again it's mostly just messy and needs a good cleaning.
Same story in the dining room, except it stills needs to be painted.
Hello sunrise in the kitchen! This room makes me happier than words can describe.
Another glory shot of the kitchen, floors need to be finish sanded, stained and sealed. Cabinet doors need a second coat of paint and sealer and to be rehung. Butcher block countertops have been ordered! Appliances are being delivered on Wednesday, I am doing everything I can to be ready for them when they arrive!
Lastly, this is the entry way, with new wood floors. I chose an eight inch wide, white pine, plank floor. They proved to be trying and a bit of a headache, but they are installed now and we will just have to see how they wear over time. We are still trying to figure out how best to seal them since they are such a soft wood. I'll let you know what we decide to do.
So that's it. I am itching to be done, but can only take things one at a time. As I write this, the floor sander is sitting at the house waiting for me, along with deep cleaning to be done afterwards!
Thanks for stopping by and checking out the progress. If you have ever worked with pine floors and have any advice I'm open for ideas! Have a wonderful weekend!



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