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July Favorites

It's the end of July and I am in full on survival mode, which in it's purest form is simply denial.

So pumpkin mac and cheese is on the docket for today. I recently purchased this cookbook on a whim and it already has more earmarks than any other cookbook I own. Lots of recipes to be tried out!

I just finished this Bible study. It was my first time enjoying a Bible study and I highly recommend it. I am now jumping into this one and this one, which is probably too many at once, but the timing for both of them just happened at the same time. We Saved you a Seat is hosting an online Bible study and you can find the link for it here.

I recently took a trip with the kiddos, and we toured the western half of South Dakota. It's been waayy to long since we did that and I forgot how fun it can be. Get out and tour your own state. There is stuff out there you have never seen, I promise you. Its fun. Do it.

My list of books I want to read is always growing, in fact I already have my Christmas list on Amazon for my husband and it is almost completely full of books. I read fiction books from the local library, but non-fiction I need to be able to underline and mark up and pour over, so they are on my list. This and this are at the top of my most wanted.

This podcast is keeping me company during these long hot dog days of Summer. I have never been a podcast listener, but this one had me hooked at the first one. It really feels like listening in on a couple of girlfriends talking about life. Big stuff and little stuff, it's all there, its encouraging and I cannot get enough.

I bought myself these earrings last fall and I get compliments every time I wear them, which is only when I leave the baby at home, because he pulls on them and ouch! Noonday is gearing up to release there Fall collection, so of course I am excited.

My zucchini are growing out of control this year. I have already made several batches of zucchini bread, and zucchini muffins are next up. I have sliced them and put them on pizza and diced them and put them in pasta. I am now accepting all recipes and ideas for how to use them up. Also if you know me and want some, seriously, come take some!

Last but not least, the other day we ran out of coke for my husbands birthday drink and not wanting to disappoint, I went to the liquor cabinet and came up with this drink. In his honor I am calling it the '38'. Put ice in a rocks glass and fill half with Crown and half with Rumchata. Or if you are feeling a little stronger, fill 3/4 with Crown and 1/4 Rumchata. Be careful, they are smooth and are loaded.

Stay cool out there friends.

With love,

None of the links above are sponsored, just stuff I am loving right now. 


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