Warm Weather Top Ten

I have spent nearly all of the last week outdoors. The long days of summer are calling and the planting season is upon us. The girls and I have been out helping the Hubs in the field, as well as getting plenty of play time outside.

Here's the top ten things I have discovered are things I only think of in the warm weather months.

1. Shorts, leggings and tutu's are not a little girls friend. Jeans are much more knee-saving-friendly, but even they are not indestructible.

2. A melon-baller produces fruit the exact size and shape that I do not want my one year old getting her hands on, ditto for cherry tomatoes.

3. Where did I put my sunscreen?

4. Don't underestimate the pain of the years first sunburn (refer to number 3).

5. Snakes are terrifying creatures.

6. The inside of my house quickly becomes neglected as the outdoors beckons, for example, laundry gets done when children need undies and not before!

7. Sleeping with the windows open is amazing.

8. Bedtime becomes a relative term.

9. Cooking on the grill makes everything taste better.

10. Campfires heal the soul.

I hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day!

Here's to warmer weather...




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