T-Minus Five Days and Counting

Let's do a little photo recap shall we?

Just over one week ago there was this. 

Then this. 


 Which became this.

Unbelievably it now looks like this.

And on Friday, it will hold this!

I can't believe how quickly this is flying by. The next week will be complete craziness, but I am as prepared as possible (which doesn't feel nearly prepared enough). 

We are moving the house starting Thursday and setting it on the basement foundation on Friday. 

The wall forms are just about finished and concrete will be coming soon. 

Worse case scenario, if the walls do not get poured in time, we will still move the house. It will just sit on beams until the end of October when the movers can come back and finish. 

But right now we are planning and scheduling for concrete walls to be ready! 

Thanks for checking in on the progress!

I'll keep you all posted! 


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